Market Table – 12th March 2016

On an extremely chilly Saturday in March my husband and I hit the Oerlikon market again, for our weekly drool-fest.

We went wild on the vegetable front and purchased plenty of food for the week. Some of the items we bought weren’t things I would regularly cook, but that’s the appeal of the market. Everything looks so tasty and fresh, that it’s hard to resist… Some things we picked up include, rainbow chard, Pata Negra and some little white root vegetables that I’m struggling to identify. The look a bit like jerusalem artichokes, but less knobbly? In the end, I just chucked them into a parsnip soup, and I can’t say they affected the flavour either way.


Little, white vegetables

white vegetable and parsnip

Here they are with parsnips for perspective

Next up is a photo of the final tally. Again, we spent about 115 CHF (€105), but it will keep us going for a week (with some for the freezer), and it’s far tastier, fresher and more interesting than what can be bought in the local supermarket.

market table early March 2016

Market Haul March 2016. Includes rainbow chard, violet aubergine, pata negra presa, sea bream, Norwegian cod (in season at the moment, as it travels down from the Arctic circle).

I also bought a kilo of poultry bones from one of the butchers at the market for 3CHF (about 2.50€). I made a massive pot of bone broth with them, and have frozen most of it. The butcher I go to there is Familie Fiechter (Familie Fiechter Butcher). They have a fantastic selection of meats, and are very helpful if you want advice on how to cook something. You can also ring them in advance if you fancy something in particular. Be warned though, they always have a massive queue, so arrive early!

butcher Oerlikon market

I’ve been busy tackling the goods, and so far have made: poultry bone broth, curried parsnip and apple soup (including unidentified non-knobbly veg), cauliflower cheese soup and fancy fish and chips, with fresh peas. We’ve also been munching away on the tomatoes and clementines.

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  1. Teresa

    Hi Emma!
    I can introduce you two places where I usually go to buy the grass fed meat and free range poultry. I usually buy a whole chicken and use the meat for a great curry and the bones for a bone broth. I tend to skip the intermediators as much as I can, the same you try to do.
    I have some recipes for you…
    Congratulations for your work!

    • Emma

      Hi Teresa,

      That would be great:) The closer to source, the better.

      I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes too. I’m already a massive fan of your salsa romesco;)


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