Market Table – 19th March 2016

This Saturday we decided to go even more local, and visit the market in our town. We live in Dietikon, a suburb of Zürich surrounded by countryside and farms, and it has a farmers’ market every Wednesday and Saturday from 7am to 12pm. On Saturdays, there is a flea market too, so you can pick up your veg as well as a vintage spanner or vinyl record from the 1970s. It is much smaller than the Oerlikon market, with two fruit and vegetable sellers, a stand selling Spanish products (olive oil, wines etc.), a baker, a cheese counter, a fishmonger and an Italian food stand. You can find details about the different vendors here. Although it is small, there is still lots of choice and plenty to keep you going for a week!

Dietikon Town

Dietikon Town

Market Stall selling Spanish Products

Spanish products

This company sells high quality goods imported from Spain, such as olive oil, balsamic vinegar, wine and ham. You can also arrange to go to their place for a tasting, which I plan to arrange in the next few weeks! Their online shop is here.

Impression of Dietikon Market

Close up of artickhokes

Coloured Eggs

Van with smily Italian man

Tomasso! The Venetian working at Lilie and Francs stand, selling Italian specialities such as fresh pasta, cheese and meats

smiling Italian man holding parma ham

Tomasso and his parma ham (from Parma)

Table with two glasses of prosecco and some dried meatAfter a tough morning shopping we were tempted by the sign at the Italian stand selling prosecco. It was the perfect way to end the morning… Standing in the sun, supping on some bubbles and enjoying some complimentary mortadella and bel paese cheese.

The final tally was 55CHF (not including the prosecco)…

Table full of food. Blue cheese, eggs, potatoes

Hen's eggs and quail's eggs

Hens eggs and quails eggs. All from free range farms in Dietikon. I have never cooked quails eggs before but couldn’t resist the picture on the box or the cuteness of the little, speckly ovals (especially so close to Easter)

Pack of quail's eggs with picture of young girl and quail

Little, green bucket filled with quail's eggs


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