Sourdough Diaries

It’s no secret that I get a kick out of fermenting stuff. Anything really. I’ve been known to experiment with sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and kefir, but my longtime love has been sourdough. I’m not sure exactly what it is about these foodstuffs that so fascinates me, but I think it’s a combination of their aliveness … [Read more…]

A Hisa away from Home

This is one of the hardest posts yet. I’ve procrastinated so much in the writing of it, I’ve managed to apply for four jobs, order five colours of sharpies online and bake two loaves of sourdough whilst having this tab open. The problem is… I want to write about a person and a restaurant that … [Read more…]

A Taste of West Cork

Big news here in my camp! I’m holed up in foodie paradise, and will be until Christmas, but more on that tomorrow… First of all… West Cork! My parents and I took off to Durrus for a few days to suss out the ‘Taste of West Cork’ festival. This part of Ireland is full of amazing food all … [Read more…]

The Wild West

My husband and I spent last week travelling along the north-west and west coasts of Ireland. What an amazing area! We cannot recommend it highly enough. Non-foodie highlights included the ‘Cup of Tae’ festival in Ardara (this is a trad music festival and has nothing to do with tea), the beautiful beaches around Glenties, the Blue Stack … [Read more…]