Swiss Chard Salad

Swiss chard is similar to Swiss roll, in that neither have anything to do with Switzerland. I googled both foodstuffs to find any possible links to this little, land-locked island, but couldn’t find any reasonable explanation. I’ve now decided they just chose those names to make them sound efficient, organised and well-made?! I picked up … [Read more…]

Strawberry Smoothies

I don’t usually make smoothies. I’m a big fan of fruit in it’s natural form and rarely feel the need to blend it up. However, I recently had a glut of bananas that were going off. I thought of making banana bread, but decided to google other ideas instead. One recommendation I came across was … [Read more…]

Flemish Asparagus

I’ll be honest here… I was slightly freaked out when I first encountered white asparagus. I was familiar with its green brother; a healthy-looking sprightly lad, but when I met his paler sibling, I was shocked. How could this flacid, anaemic stick, be asparagus? It didn’t help that I had met the pre-cooked version from … [Read more…]

Crunchy Artichoke and Fresh Peas

I am slightly terrified of artichokes. They look like big, scary pinecones, and it’s hard to imagine which part of them could be edible. They also poke you a lot when you’re trying to get them ready. When I’m preparing them, I often wonder who figured out that there was something so tasty inside. Whoever … [Read more…]

Sticky Chinese Chicken

The name of this dish makes it sound a bit filthy… And it is. It’s unapologetically sweet and spicy, and is covered in chicken juice. It’s a one-dish-wonder that forces you to get your hands dirty. It’s also ridiculously easy to make! Do it now… Try to only use free-range chicken. Buy it from your … [Read more…]

Hoisin Sauce

I am a big fan of Asian cooking… I love all of the sweet and salty flavours… the dash of spice… the sauces! Asian food is really easy to cook, but I think we’ve all become very reliant on shop-bought pastes and sauces. These are jammed full of sugar and preservatives. They may taste good, … [Read more…]