Inspired by my good friend ‘Brown-Haired Rachel’ (not to be confused with ‘Eyelashes Rachel’), I whipped up a batch of Limoncello this afternoon. It should be ready to drink in a few weeks, but will be even better by summer. I will be having it drizzled over sorbet, while lounging elegantly on my balcony, with my … [Read more…]

Elderflower Cordial

This is another recipe that brings me back to my childhood. My Mum and Granny have been making it for years. My most vivid memory of it is sitting in my Granny’s back garden with a big jug. She would add ice, sparkling water and very finely chopped chunks of lemon (skin on), which you could munch … [Read more…]

Strawberry Smoothies

I don’t usually make smoothies. I’m a big fan of fruit in it’s natural form and rarely feel the need to blend it up. However, I recently had a glut of bananas that were going off. I thought of making banana bread, but decided to google other ideas instead. One recommendation I came across was … [Read more…]