In my head, pancakes are about the most decadent thing you can eat for breakfast. Whether we’re talking about fluffy stacks of American style mofos drowning in maple syrup or petite little crépes stuffed full of Nutella. So, I was delighted when my Ballymapal (Maureen) introduced me to these beauties. They are simple to make, … [Read more…]

Banana and almond milk porridge

Porridge always strikes me as a winter dish, but if you add fresh berries to it, it becomes a summer favourite! The addition of banana when cooking also adds a nice sweetness as does the light almond milk (check the link here to make your own). Feel free to replace the almond milk with regular milk … [Read more…]

Huevos Rancheros

My husband has a problem with the word ‘brunch’. He’s quite happy to eat it (as long as he thinks it’s breakfast or lunch), but if the word ‘brunch’ passes someone’s lips, he’s out. It is an irrational dislike, which I put down to his fear of being a fad-following, city-dwelling, yuppy. However, I still convince him on regular occasions … [Read more…]

Easter Egg Nests with Quail’s Eggs

Easter is coming up, and I wanted to create something festive with my quail’s eggs from the Dietikon market. So, here’s my recipe for Easter Egg Nests… The nest is basically ‘Rösti’ which is a Swiss speciality. Easter Egg Nests Serves 4 Ingredients 1 tbsp. butter 2 large potatoes 50g hard cheese (I used gruyere) 1 … [Read more…]