Almond Milk

Nut milks have become very fashionable recently. Most coffee shops will allow you to avoid dairy altogether and opt for almond milk or hazelnut milk, which is a great development for lactose intolerant types and vegans. Studies have shown that people in some parts of the world cannot digest lactose at all. There are evolutionary … [Read more…]

Hoisin Sauce

I am a big fan of Asian cooking… I love all of the sweet and salty flavours… the dash of spice… the sauces! Asian food is really easy to cook, but I think we’ve all become very reliant on shop-bought pastes and sauces. These are jammed full of sugar and preservatives. They may taste good, … [Read more…]


   Guacamole Serves 4 (as generous dip) Ingredients one small, red onion juice of 1 lime 2 ripe avocados dried garlic powder salt and pepper optional extras: ground coriander, chilli flakes, fresh coriander, finely diced tomatoes… Method Cut the onion up very finely Pour the juice of the lime over the chopped onion, and leave … [Read more…]

Beef and Chicken Stock

There’s nothing like a nice bowl of soup when you’re not feeling great, and if it’s made with home-made stock, all the better! I have spent years looking for a stock cube that’s not full of rubbish, and have come to the conclusion that they don’t exist… So, the only thing to do is make … [Read more…]

Easy Curry Powder

You can buy perfectly tasty curry powder in the supermarket, but sometimes there are some unwanted ingredients listed on the label. Here’s my recipe for quick and easy homemade curry powder! It will keep in a jar in the cupboard for ages. Curry Powder Ingredients 1 tsp. ground coriander half tsp. turmeric half tsp. ground … [Read more…]