Café Noir – Kreis 5 – Zürich

I’ve written about this place before, in my post on Kreis 5, but thought I should give it its own, special review. Hands down, this is the best coffee I’ve ever had in Zürich. I drink my coffee black with no sugar, and this was the smoothest, softest, creamiest cup ever. It also comes with a little glass of water and a biscotti (which is a nice touch).

coffee machine and deli tiles

Although they serve food here; pastries, birchermuesli and sandwiches, the focus always comes back to coffee. They sell their own roasted beans (during the 30 minutes we were there, about 10 people came in to buy beans) as well as all sorts of coffee-making accoutrements. In addition, they offer coffee-making courses as well as providing coffee to lots of different cafés and restaurants around Zürich. This tiny little café seems to be single-handedly bringing the coffee revolution to Zürich!

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