Ballymaloe – Week 11: Liddle by Liddle

Exams are fast approaching and I should definitely be more panicked. Instead, I decided to live it up this week. I had a lovely night out in Sage restaurant and also had a night off dining in Darina and Tim’s house. This dinner was an incredibly kind gesture from the Allens to the students involved in the pop up as a thank you. We got to relax in their lovely, homey house with glasses of cava and wine, and delicious Ballymaloe food. I loved it, and was blown away by their generosity. I was also one of the lucky ones to have a Ballymaloe Birthday, and got a gorgeous cake to celebrate!


Beetroot Starter – Sage


Smoked scallops in duck broth – Sage


Birthday Cake!

In other news… I had a bit of a clueless moment this week. Having cooked the most perfect, well-risen puffy vol au vents, I cut out the top, filled them with my créme pat, popped in some soft apple compote and dusted them with a wee bit of icing sugar. At exactly that moment my teacher walked past. “Where are the lids?” she asked. I stared at her blankly and with my mouth full replied “I ate them”. She had very little sympathy for me, even when I explained that I’d been on salad duty and hadn’t eaten since 7am. Nope… She just suggested I fashion  new lids out of other vol au vents. I’m still pretty proud of the final result… Considering.

Vol au Vent

Vol au Vent on doily – Retro revival

vol au vents

Vol au vents en plurale

A few tips for other potential Ballymaloe-rs before I go back to the files…

  1. Don’t leave filing or indexing to the last week. Although my recipes are in the correct order, I only just started creating indexes for each folder. It’s a painful, tedious process, which my mother can also vouch for;)
  2. Practice your recipes for the practical exam!! I did a full run through on Saturday and had a plethora of disasters, but hoping I’ve learnt from my mistakes…
  3. Olive oil can indeed be rancid (even if purchased two days previous), and can ruin an entire dish. (See point 2)
  4. If you are hungry in the kitchen and had breakfast hours previous, use it as an opportunity to practice an omelette or scrambled egg. Do not eat your garnish.

Here’s some more pics from the week that was…


My tuna carpaccio with marigolds and nasturtiums

duck leg

My thyme and onion duck leg with melted leeks and sautéed potatoes


Frosty morning


Frosty Shell House


Bean roaster at Ballymaloe house


Rose in the gardens of Ballymaloe house

Rory mural

Rory mural on the wall in ‘The Big Shed’

The Big Shed

‘The Big Shed’ in our tour of Ballymaloe house


Poetry on branches in ‘The Big Shed’

afternoon tea

Afternoon tea in Ballymaloe house


Conservatory in Ballymaloe House

Meringue Gateaux

My meringue gateaux

Pork en croute

Pork en croute with bramley apple sauce and myrtle berries

Candied Peel

Candied Peel

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