Crunchy Artichoke and Fresh Peas

I am slightly terrified of artichokes. They look like big, scary pinecones, and it’s hard to imagine which part of them could be edible. They also poke you a lot when you’re trying to get them ready. When I’m preparing them, I often wonder who figured out that there was something so tasty inside. Whoever … [Read more…]

Market Table – 21st May 2016

Summer is finally here in Zürich! We’ve had weeks of rain, which has been even harder to take when hearing about heatwaves and the like in Ireland… To take advantage of the dry weather, I hopped on my bike and cycled along the river to the Oerlikon market. It’s great seeing all the new summer-time … [Read more…]

Sticky Chinese Chicken

The name of this dish makes it sound a bit filthy… And it is. It’s unapologetically sweet and spicy, and is covered in chicken juice. It’s a one-dish-wonder that forces you to get your hands dirty. It’s also ridiculously easy to make! Do it now… Try to only use free-range chicken. Buy it from your … [Read more…]

Hoisin Sauce

I am a big fan of Asian cooking… I love all of the sweet and salty flavours… the dash of spice… the sauces! Asian food is really easy to cook, but I think we’ve all become very reliant on shop-bought pastes and sauces. These are jammed full of sugar and preservatives. They may taste good, … [Read more…]

The Wild West

My husband and I spent last week travelling along the north-west and west coasts of Ireland. What an amazing area! We cannot recommend it highly enough. Non-foodie highlights included the ‘Cup of Tae’ festival in Ardara (this is a trad music festival and has nothing to do with tea), the beautiful beaches around Glenties, the Blue Stack … [Read more…]

Huevos Rancheros

My husband has a problem with the word ‘brunch’. He’s quite happy to eat it (as long as he thinks it’s breakfast or lunch), but if the word ‘brunch’ passes someone’s lips, he’s out. It is an irrational dislike, which I put down to his fear of being a fad-following, city-dwelling, yuppy. However, I still convince him on regular occasions … [Read more…]


   Guacamole Serves 4 (as generous dip) Ingredients one small, red onion juice of 1 lime 2 ripe avocados dried garlic powder salt and pepper optional extras: ground coriander, chilli flakes, fresh coriander, finely diced tomatoes… Method Cut the onion up very finely Pour the juice of the lime over the chopped onion, and leave … [Read more…]