A Taste of West Cork

Big news here in my camp! I’m holed up in foodie paradise, and will be until Christmas, but more on that tomorrow… First of all… West Cork! My parents and I took off to Durrus for a few days to suss out the ‘Taste of West Cork’ festival. This part of Ireland is full of amazing food all … [Read more…]

Banana and almond milk porridge

Porridge always strikes me as a winter dish, but if you add fresh berries to it, it becomes a summer favourite! The addition of banana when cooking also adds a nice sweetness as does the light almond milk (check the link here to make your own). Feel free to replace the almond milk with regular milk … [Read more…]

Almond Milk

Nut milks have become very fashionable recently. Most coffee shops will allow you to avoid dairy altogether and opt for almond milk or hazelnut milk, which is a great development for lactose intolerant types and vegans. Studies have shown that people in some parts of the world cannot digest lactose at all. There are evolutionary … [Read more…]

Vintage Chowder

This dish is inspired by my absolute favourite restaurant in Dublin (and possibly the world): The Vintage Kitchen. It’s a tiny little restaurant with an open kitchen beside Mulligans pub (best Guinness in Dublin according to yer man). They have a very small menu which changes regularly, and focuses on great ingredients and straight forward … [Read more…]

Market Table – 14th June 2016

A beautiful, sunny day at Oerlikon market, I picked up loads of summery fruit and vegetables. I also saw courgette flowers (attached to courgettes) for the first time this year. If you see them, snap them up and try some delicious stuffed courgette flowers! I also picked up a kilo of lamb shoulder and a 500g … [Read more…]