Almond Milk

Nut milks have become very fashionable recently. Most coffee shops will allow you to avoid dairy altogether and opt for almond milk or hazelnut milk, which is a great development for lactose intolerant types and vegans. Studies have shown that people in some parts of the world cannot digest lactose at all. There are evolutionary explanations for this. Those regions do not have a history of dairy farming. I’m Irish living in Switzerland, and it is arguable that these two regions are more tied to dairy farming than many others, but even here, many scientists think that about 50% of the population have some problems digesting dairy products. I am not dairy intolerant, but do notice myself becoming slightly more phlegmy (hot stuff eh?) when I consume a lot of milk. However, cheese and yoghurt aren’t an issue… To avoid the stuffed-up battle at breakfast time, I started making almond milk. I also love the slightly nutty flavour of it, which is an added bonus.

You can buy nut milks in the shop, but they often contain lots of additives and sugar, so I make my own! It’s easy peasy, but you do need a strong blender and a nut bag (heh heh) or muslin.nut bag

Store in the back of the fridge for up to a week.

Nut Milk

Makes a 500ml jar

jar of nut milkIngredients

  • 200g almonds
  • water


  1. Pour the almonds into a glass bowl and cover with water (at least twice as much as the quantity of almonds)
  2. Put in the fridge and leave for about 8 hours
  3. Drain the water off and rinse in a colander a few timesalmonds in colander
  4. Put one cup (any cup you have) of almonds into your blender followed by 2 cups of waternuts and water in blender
  5. Blend until white and frothy, and the almonds are no longer wholealmond milk in blender
  6. Line a bowl with your nut bagnut bag and bowl
  7. Pour in the contents of the blenderground almonds in nut bag
  8. Squeeze out your nut bag as much as possibledraining nut bagsqueezing out nut bag
  9. Repeat with the remaining almonds (you can just keep adding them to the nut bag)
  10. Save the contents of the nut bag. You can add it to porridge and salads. Make cookies from it or make delicious salsa romesco, by blending it with tomato passata, garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A recipe from my Catalan friend, Teresa!
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